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For the creation of visual content we use Argella Production, a video production company aimed at communicating your product with images and sounds created ad hoc for every need. The future of communication are videos by which you can sell products, promote your activities, communicate events, advertise your brand. Whether it is a music video, a promo for companies, fashion, commercial activities, with a video you have the opportunity to communicate with a wide audience. The quality of the final product is combined with the use of the latest generation software and following a work experience previously gained over the years. We also create photographic and graphic services. Among the services offered: video editing and storytelling.

Daniele Mastracci @ Feel Your Touch: Cosmic Deep House Pre-New Year's Party in Rome

Daniele Mastracci @ Feel Your Touch: Cosmic Deep House Pre-New Year's Party in Rome

TrackList here 👇 Follow This set also : 🎵 Playlist on Spotify here: Are you ready for a unique musical journey in the festive atmosphere of Rome? 🌟 Our new deep house and electronic DJ set has been crafted with love at Feel Your Touch's hub in Rome, as always. 🎵 🚀 This time, astronauts have taken control of Roman life, bringing fresh energy to the ancient splendors of the Empire. The images that appear in the video are unique pieces from our Digital Art section at [ ], capturing the essence of this encounter between past and future. The hypnotic and welcoming music will get you dancing and wish you a New Year filled with clean energy and fun. It's a special mix created by me, Daniele Mastracci, to kick off the new year on the right foot. Watch the video and let yourself be carried away into the magical atmosphere of Rome during the holidays. 🎉 ▶️ TrackList + support labels: 1) 00:00 - Molto Human - Fallin’ in love - @SuiteVoyageRecords - 2) 04:20 - Mredrollo - Playces - @balancemusicofficial - 3) 08:20 - Peter Makto - Balearic Flute - @tale & tone 4) 12:27 - Vorfreude ( Alex O’ Rion Remix ) - LADS - @MovementRecordings 5) 14:00 - Christos Fourkis - El Camin Del Amor - @retroloungerecords6981 - 6) 22:12 - Simon Vuarambon - Lazos - @PeaceSymphonies - 7) 26:00 -Jeremiah McKnight - Seasons - @SommersvilleRecords - 8) 35:31 -Tales Of Ares - Born - @amarcordrecord 9) 39:15 - Alfa Romero - Odissey - @Afterlifeofc - 10) 44:48 - Daniele Mastracci - Quiero Cantar - @SuiteVoyateRecords 11) 51:30 - Madness Ba - Anywhere - @labelplatformseven1100 - 🧑‍🚀 Digital Art: Send us an email to receive more information on how to obtain your personal copy. Inquiry: ‼️ Follow my music and my accounts Instagram : Facebook : Soundcloud : Website : 🔅 Follow Feel Your Touch: Instagram : Facebook : Website : Support artist: @moltohuman : @mredrollo @petermakto @vorfreude @ChristosFourkis @simonvuarambon @jeremiahmcknightmusic337 @Talesofares : @alfaromeromusic @DanieleMastraccideejay @madnessba : #DJSet #DeepHouse #Electronic #FeelYourTouch #Rome
Daniele Mastracci Live at Feel Your Touch Rome: An Electrifying Deep House and Electronic Set

Daniele Mastracci Live at Feel Your Touch Rome: An Electrifying Deep House and Electronic Set

[ENG] On a night wrapped in electronic allure, 'Feel Your Touch' studio in Rome resonates with pulsating rhythms and engaging melodies that spread through the air. The images that occasionally appear during the set represent a fascinating journey, taking the viewers into an alternate dimension. They are artworks developed by Feel Your Touch's Digital Art ©. Suddenly, the screen lights up with visions of a futuristic Rome, revealed by astronauts from another exoplanet. These interstellar explorers discover what remains of the world's most influential civilization, seeing it from a completely new perspective. The ancient ruins blend with futuristic elements, creating a landscape that defies time. This reborn Rome, eternal in its beauty, shines in its unexpected splendor. The astronauts, witnesses to this magnificence, explore with respect and wonder, showing the audience an existence where the past and the future meet in perfect harmony. The experience is a tribute to the resilience and greatness of Rome, a musical and visual journey that celebrates the immortal power of culture and history. In this DJ set, Feel Your Touch is not just a studio, but a portal to a reality where every beat and every image tells the story of a civilization that has transcended the boundaries of time and space. All images in the video are owned by Feel Your Touch and cannot be reproduced Dj Set by Daniele Mastracci [ITA] In una notte avvolta dal fascino elettronico, lo studio di 'Feel Your Touch' a Roma risuona ritmi pulsanti e melodie coinvolgenti che si diffondono nell'aria, le immagini che ogni tanto compaiono durante il set rappresentano un viaggio affascinante, portando gli spettatori in una dimensione alternativa. Sono opere d'arte sviluppate dalla Digital Art di Feel Your Touch © Improvvisamente, lo schermo si illumina con visioni di una Roma futuristica, rivelata da astronauti provenienti da un altro esopianeta. Questi esploratori interstellari scoprono ciò che resta della civiltà più influente del mondo, vedendola da una prospettiva completamente nuova. Le rovine antiche si fondono con elementi futuristici, creando un paesaggio che sfida il tempo. Questa Roma rinata, eterna nella sua bellezza, risplende nel suo splendore inaspettato. Gli astronauti, testimoni di questa magnificenza, esplorano con rispetto e meraviglia, mostrando ai presenti un'esistenza dove il passato e il futuro si incontrano in un'armonia perfetta. L'esperienza è un tributo alla resilienza e alla grandezza di Roma, un viaggio musicale e visivo che celebra il potere immortale della cultura e della storia. In questo DJ set, Feel Your Touch non è solo uno studio, ma un portale verso una realtà dove ogni beat e ogni immagine racconta la storia di una civiltà che ha superato i confini del tempo e dello spazio. Tutte le immagini nel video sono di proprietà di Feel Your Touch e non possono essere riprodotte. Dj Set by Daniele Mastracci email me:

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